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The Voodoo Spiritual Temple is taking a rest and will be closed until August 26, 2014...
Priestess Miriam is out of the country on Tour and will return later this month.
We thank you for your service to the Temple and look forward to serving
you in the future...

Our 24th Year...

Though Sorrows may flow upon the land,
the pure breath of the Great Ancestors will bring comfort, light, and renewal
resurrecting joy in every soul...

Click on Dr. John & Bobby Rush "Another Murder in New Orleans" to see Priestess Miriam with Blindog Smokin

The Voodoo Spiritual Temple is not based on white nor black magic. Our focus is "TRUTH", True Spiritual Power.
True Spiritual Power is for friendly people, as well as those that are sensitive to all vibrations of the Universe.
Oswan Chamani once had said, "When we put our hands in water, we expect them to get wet, and when we heal with spiritual power, we expect a miracle."
This means that miracles do happen outside of our reasoning, intellect, and physical understanding.
We all work with miracles daily but only too often they are to curse us or someone instead of for blessing.
We must get our understanding aligned. Just as we align the front end of our vehicles, we must understand our own spiritual power within us.
This is especially true if we are to grow and understand how to make sense of magic and miracles.

The Voodoo Spiritual Temple is a non-profit organization.
Donations are accepted for the Temple

We accept MC, Visa, Amex, Discovery, Checks, Money Orders, Cash!

Voodoo Spiritual Temple
828 N. Rampart Street

New Orleans, LA 70116

(504) 522-9627

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