We need your help and support of rebuilding the Vooodoo Spiritual Temple's Cultural Center ...

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Priestess Miriam  828 N. Rampart New Orleans, LA 70116

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We Love and Adore all of you...
Thank you for your understanding and support...The Voodoo Spiritual Temple

The Voodoo Spiritual Temple is a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization ...

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Though Sorrows may flow upon the land,the pure breath of the Great Ancestors will bring comfort, light, and renewal resurrecting joy in every soul...

As Oswan would say, "Me and the Father is one!" Well I say equally that me and the Voodoo Spiritual Temple is one each in the heart of all of you. My goal is to retain the unified structure in which the Temple is about and to serve those who are challenged with multiple conflicts in their lives and to educate in a way that people can retain order and discipline in their lives that they will be able to serve themselves and others with the best of respect.

Our 26th Year

​​​Year Of Enlightment...and giving!

​​​​Voodoo Spiritual Temple

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​Dearest Friends,

I am Fired Up And Ready To Go! Mardi Gras is behind us now but the rebuilding of the temple is still in front of me! I want you to know in helping save the Voodoo Spiritual Temple, you will be helping save it legacy... not only of its ancestors of the past, but the stories and achievements of Priestess Miriam and Priest Oswan over the past 25 years as well all the Archives, Collection of African Artifacts, and much more. In finding A place for the Temple, it will help preserve it's 25 YEARS of achievement and our goals to establish an Academy and the perseverance of past Priestess and Priest, Spiritual, and Metaphysical teachings... both past and present. Please continue to pray and support us to attain a Proper facility. I need your help and Prayers in every way! Thank You And Gods Blessings continue to be with us!