​​​​Voodoo Spiritual Temple

Though Sorrows may flow upon the land, the pure breath of the Great Ancestors will bring comfort, light, and renewal resurrecting joy in every soul...

As Oswan would say, "Me and the Father is one!" Well I say equally that me and the Voodoo Spiritual Temple is one each in the heart of all of you. My goal is to retain the unified structure in which the Temple is about and to serve those who are challenged with multiple conflicts in their lives and to educate in a way that people can retain order and discipline in their lives that they will be able to serve themselves and others with the best of respect.

Our 27th Year


Dearest Friends, 

     Please note that where you found me isn't where I've been, nor where I am or where I am going.  Life is a rendezvous with many collective planes for renewal of thoughts and the replenishment of all souls and stories yet to be told or sold. 

      Allowing flexibility with yourselves, ideas, and skills. Self obtain well your motivation, stimulating well your will for reason to apply your skills.  Will give great reason and understanding and a great purpose for what you do or say.

   ~Blessings and Good Will Priestess Miriam