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What Is Voodoo

Voodoo is a belief misunderstood. It originates from the Fon word Voudon which means: the power; that who is invisible; the creator of all things. It is the infusion of Traditional African beliefs with Catholicism. Voodoo, since its conception in the western hemisphere, has been the target of countless opponents depicting it as being a sinister and abominable belief that possesses anyone who dares engage in its practices. Unfortunately this is due to the deliberate misconception of priests (orthodox) and the the misunderstanding of writers, anthropologists, scholars and many more who publish inaccurate and false information.

The misconception of Voodoo is then perpetuated when the Holywood producers take advantage of the public's misconception by making movies about blood thirsty Zombies and Voodoo priests and priestesses who buy and sell souls. Voodoo devotees, as in all other religions believe in an Omnipresent Creator and the Loa or Orisha. The Loa act as intermediaries (like the saints in Catholicism) between the creator and the human world. These Loa interact with people and things to help create and maintain a spiritual balance. Voodoo is a religion of the universe. The way it works is through the energies and intelligence which are directed and manifested of ourselves and our universe. There are various aspects of Voodoo: Rada concentrates on the positive side of Voodoo only. Petro concentrates on both the negative and positive sides Secta Rouge concentrates on the negative side Zobop concentrates on the extreme negative The purpose of the Voodoo Spiritual Temple is to educate the community about Voodoo and to dispel the myths and misconceptions associated with Voodoo since time immemorial.

Voodoo...An Introduction Voodoo sings with a voice long stilled and denegrated. It sings to the mind through the formal elegance and deep insight of its theology. It sings to the heart through the beauty and grace of its diverse pantheon of loa. A closed mind and a hardened heart can not hear, much less appreciate, the richness of this religious voice. As surely as the Great Wheel turns, the time of Voodoo has come again to light the fires of the soul and set them spinning in a dance of immanent creation. We have only to extend the open hand of acceptance to be rewarded with a spiritual sense of ecstatic participation. The ancient Mysteries uncoil and call to all those who would listen. From WATERS OF RETURN; The Aeonic Flow of Voodoo by Louis Martinie'.


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