Our 27th Year


Dear Friends...

Here we go again...but not before we say thanks for the most wonderful 2015 that was full of surprises, bringing return of old friends as well as new, and confirmation of  "I Do's" with much love flowing everywhere.  We journeyed old Canada, that god shined his glory on me, and granted us a beautiful welcoming experience in Quebec with family and friends. Thanks to JOHN and IZZY for giving us that added touch. Germany favored me with a rewarding welcome and a great experience that embraced me to be part of the World Congress for "Holistic Medicine” as a Presenter.  We visited the old mystical and ancient towns of Munich, where Kings and Queens once reigned, taking me back to a “soul” period of my life.  

Because of our experiences above, we now have more gas in our tank and we are ready for 2016.  Much awareness, peace, and joy, to you as we set sail into this wonderful year ahead. We will update you on our activities for this year, in the meantime be blessed.


Priestess Miriam

​​​​Voodoo Spiritual Temple

From the Altar...